Wisdom Chi Kung and DNA Renewal

Wisdom Chi Kung and DNA Renewal

Wisdom Chi Kung comes from the martial arts in Universal Healing Tao. It is the physical foundation on which many of the other forms of practice are based. Before you open to the higher energies, you need a strong grounding, and Wisdom Chi Kung gives you this solid foundation. Universal Tao is an integrated system so learning Iron Shirt also increases your understanding and effectiveness of all the other methods.

The core of the exercise consists of 6 Wisdom Chi Kung positions as well as breathing exercises.

Energy is drawn from the earth, nature and the universe and is wrapped in the organs, connective tissue (fascia) and the bones. This increases the chi pressure between the fascial layers. Through the practice of the positions and how they feel in your body, you begin to become aware of your own inner structure. By connecting the structure together as a unit, you are able to channel great forces effortlessly to the ground.

Developing your Wisdom Chi Kung will help in the integration of Healing Love meditations, just as the grounding exercises.

With regular training of Wisdom Chi Kung you will feel the deep connection between body and mind. By working on your physical structure, you build a strong stable mind that is capable of handling the constant changes in life. The feelings are more balanced and you feel more calm and grounded.