Mantak Chia in Denmark the 5-11 of april 2019

Workshops in Basic Tao, Healing Love og Tao Yin & Iron Shirt

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Grand Master Mantak Chia are coming to Denmark.

Universel Healing Tao is a practical system design to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
The teaching is based on the old tao pracis, which Mantak Chia has brougt to the west.

Mantak Chia are coming to Denmark from friday the 5 to thursday the 11 of april 2019.

There will be an introduction evening with Mantak Chia and 3 workshops of 2 days.

Lotte Søs Farran-Lee Bodytherapist/tantricer
are hosting this event, in cooperation with the danish Universal Healing Tao instructors.

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The event will be in Indre Kulturhus Central Copenhagen, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3, 1359 Copenhagen.




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Watch the introducing video to Mantak Chia’s Tao universe.